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When it comes to protecting your pet, there’s no need to look past Vets Choice. As the only insurer endorsed by the Australian Veterinary Association, you can be sure that every aspect of our coverage has been developed with direct input from the Veterinary profession. This input not only means we’ve taken into consideration the common things vets treat to offer cover your pet deserves, but also means we have an insider understanding of how pet insurance operates inside a veterinary practice.

Our clinic’s philosophy has been born from a belief that modern marketing has gone too far and lost the actual best interests of our pets. As a result, our group of like minded veterinarians established Southern Animal Health in order to return to a more balanced and sensible approach to both preventative medicine, and also the diagnosis and treatment of an unwell pet.

After 50 years, the AAPS shelter continues to care for and nurture animals and aims to return as many as possible to their owners or to find them new fur-ever homes. Although most animals in our care are dogs, cats and rabbits, we accept ALL animals in need. Including native animals, farm animals, birds, ferrets, and other domesticated animals.

Animal Aid is a place of refuge for the lost, unwanted and abandoned animals in our community. We work diligently to reunite lost pets and give a first rate second chance to unwanted animals. We are dedicated to improving the welfare of all companion animals in our society and passionately advocate and facilitate their adoption. We provide services that help people and pets; enthusiastically sharing our knowledge and expertise.

Loki’s Lodge is a registered not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the welfare of animals. Our particular focus is on finding homes for rural animals that are surrendered due to changed life circumstances. Increasingly people are moving off the land, back to smaller properties, towns and retirement villages and this means their special animals must find new homes. We take them in, assess them and find new homes with loving owners who will continue their care.

Pets of the Homeless Australia provides food, veterinary care, safe shelter and other support to pet owners in need. We help people who are facing homelessness by making sure their companion pets are well looked after. Every day we hear from people facing tough circumstances who put their pet’s needs ahead of their own. That’s why we’re committed to providing support to the pets of people facing and experiencing homelessness – with one less thing to worry about, we’re helping people get back on their feet.

Pet Medical Crisis ensure Australian Pensioners who are struggling financially have the opportunity to give their loved pet the best chance of survival when veterinary care is needed. PMC empowers owners by providing their loved pet with veterinary care. The charity raises funds to assist pensioners in necessitous circumstances / financial difficulties. We do this by assisting with the costs of medical intervention for their companion pets. The pet owner’s inability to fund the care would otherwise result in unsustainable debt, death or significantly impact quality of life.

Millions of lambs die on Australian farms every year within 48 hours after birth. Ewes, particularly in the case of those with twins or triplets, can struggle to care for all their lambs. This is due to no fault of their own but to the lack of sufficient shelter on farms from extreme weather conditions and the industry’s selective breeding for multiple births. Lamb Care Australia rehabilitates and re-homes lambs to give them a second chance at life.