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Animal SOS Australia is a new Australian TV series that goes behind the scenes at Veterinary Clinics and Animal Shelters to show the tireless, life-saving and, at times, heartbreaking work they do to help pets and people in need. 

Every day across Australia, thousands of animals are taken to vets and clinics. Sometimes, it’s just for a general check-up, but for others it could be a life or death medical emergency. Then, there are those that desperately need a safe place to call home.

From the seemingly ordinary, to the outright extraordinary. From mending broken bones, to finding forever homes Animal SOS Australia is a heart-warming show that captures the love, joy, challenges and memories we share with our pets, and highlights the hard working heroes who care for them.

Animal SOS Australia was co-created and is hosted by Lara Shannon, one of Australia’s leading canine experts and animal welfare advocate, whose mission is to help reduce the needless euthanasia of adoptable shelter animals to zero.  

Whose involved?

Featuring three main precincts – Animal Protection Society Australia (AAPS), Southern Animal Health and Animal Aid Australia, along with other animal welfare charities, Animal SOS Australia provides a rich, gritty and insightful view of what really goes on behind the scenes to save the lives of animals – great and small!

Meet the host!

Lara Shannon is a certified dog trainer, behaviourist and pet food nutrition specialist, as well as an animal advocate and author.